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Blended Families: Making two families into one harmonious Unit

Family dynamics are ever evolving on our society. Gone are the days when the family unit consists of one father, one mother and the children born from that marriage. Today 16% of children live in blended families. Six of ten women’s remarriages create blended families.  (Source: Love to families.) Families don’t just come together […]

Are You Listening?

I often hear my adolescent clients complain that their parents aren’t listening to them and don’t understand them. This article will discuss common mistakes parents make and how it is a turn-off and hindrance to effective communication with your kids. I believe that we have basic emotional needs that are universal. We want to feel […]

Pandemic Stress: Symptoms and What to do to Support our Children

This pandemic has stressed EVERYONE out. Children are no exception. Kids take their cues from their parents. If we are stressed, then they will see it and it can affect them. Here are some signs of stress I hear daily from children I see in counseling and some solutions for parents.