Becoming a parent is such a joy. You plan for the birth of your child with great anticipation and then when they come what do you do with your bundle of joy?  They don't come with manuals so you are stuck to learn from others and from trial and error. Here are some tips to help you along the way.

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Get help. You don't have to do it alone


Whether you are a single parent or a couple seek the support of other parents. They can provide guidance and support ant have been where you are.

You can do it


There is no such thing as a perfect parent. Mistakes will happen. Learn from them and move on. Read books and online articles on subjects that challenge you.

Be consistent


Children especially babies need routines. At first they will not be regular sleepers, but keep track of their sleeping and eating times and schedule your first three months around this if you can. If you work after six weeks then have your child's care provider track their schedule and then ask them to stick to it also. 

Make sure you have your own consistent schedule also.

Age and stage development


Contact CARES for an age and stage assessment for children three months to 48 months old. 

Find out if your child needs early intervention services

Self-care is critical


If you are too tired and busy how can you be the best parent to your children? You can't. It is okay. No . It is a requirement for you to have some time alone to relax and have fun. Take a bubble bath, Go to a movie or out to eat WITHOUT kids. Read a book for leisure. Go for a walk or exercise. Go window shopping or buy something for yourself. Your kids will appreciate a kinder, happier parent if you take care of yourself.

Common New parent questions


Am I doing it right?

Is my child developing at the right stage?

How many hours should my child sleep at night?

Is breastfeeding best for my child?

Should my child sleep with me and if so for how long?

How do I balance work and home with an infant?

Contact CARES for support with all these questions. Check out our blogs for new moms/parents

Can you spoil a baby?

How do I parent multiple children?